OctPoWriMo Day 26

Fears are something you end up liking
I'm afraid of heights
and I love hiking
nostalgic for an airplane ride

Used to be afraid of the dark
but now it's what keeps me comfortable

Used to be so scared of dogs
run away
walk away
today for the first time
I didn't change my pace
move away

It came to sniff me
I didn't care
wasn't scared

I think after getting any pet
you are more understanding their language, their love.

Love, Fida



Angela said…
I love that first line! I will look at my fears with a new perspective now, wondering what I'll like about them a certain amount of time from now. That will be fun and interesting. Thank you!
Lita V. said…
I enjoyed reading this, I can relate to your poem. What I was fearful of as a child, are things that I no longer fear. I still am fearful of some things, but hope to overcome them. Thank you!