Monday Blessings #30

Hello readers,
Monday Blessings

A holiday
once it's celebrated, shows
how much belief one has, whether
good or bad, strong or weak.

What you believe
if you say it enough
show it enough
others will finally come to respect it.

Sunrise, sunset
night sky and twilight
you breathe in and breathe out
thankful for another day.


They always tell you to conform to their style
and another group says you have to conform to their style
but you are in a different world than either of them
your beliefs don't match theirs
they tell you are imperfect
that you won't do well

But you know
those who love and support you know
you are imperfectly perfect
don't you ever change
don't let them get to you
don't ever feel
like your less than perfect.

Love, Fida


seekingmeme said…
"imperfectly perfect" What a great phrase!
Anonymous said…