OctPoWriMo Day 17

Hello poetry lovers,

The prompt is interesting but I'm unsure about the result:

My thoughts are points
from a laser
I have to connect
My thoughts are lines of lasers
acting like guards
I have to skip

I obsessively dream
of my other life
as it leaves
polite echoes
in my mind
throughout the day

I'm trapped in my own mind
a statue by my thoughts
it feels like a punishment
like I have to book it
or I can stay
and write a book
to free myself.

Love, Fida



Anonymous said…
That feels so much like what I went through last summer. I felt frozen into place.
I only managed to snap out of it after I let my words out...

It's a lovely poem.
Rod E. Kok said…
No need to be unsure of this one. It is really good!
Crystal Collier said…
Those first two lines are epic. =)
Unknown said…
Obsessively dream of my other life... so true... we all have many lives of who we are.... this captured that feeling.
seekingmeme said…
Wonderful response to the prompt!
Sunita said…
Fida...this poem of yours captures something akin among us.