Be Aware & Day 10

Hello readers,

Disclaimer: this is only what I think when I hear this. Everyone has their own opinion and definition of it.

Mental health
more important than you think
it affects your life
something that needs to be talked about,
not ignored
you are still important
if you suffer from mental illness

Even if it's something small
take care of it all
you are still important.

My mind spins with anxiety
questioning everything
checking up on everything big and small

I'm still scared to tell people
I slowly am
the resources on the internet are there to help you
I discover journaling a worry list helps
once it's out there it's gone
in the back of the mind, not forgot
but done and moved on
a fresh start each day

Just remember to not over think
to not think it everyday
only on its important days
because you are important
deserving to smile and live.

Only some people are recognized with what they have
yet everyone has something
no matter how small
no one is better than anyone
we should not ignore those who need help
we should be a friend.

Love, Fida

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Michelle Liew said…
Yes, we should help. Not judge.
seekingmeme said…
"yet everyone has something"
I love this line in particular. Great job on this one!
So glad you wrote this, dear one. I have never heard of a worry list, but I do know writing definitely packs a powerful oomph on all that ails me. THANK YOU thank you.
Fida Islaih said…
I'm glad it helps. Thank you!
Lizzi said…
Important WHY? I struggle with vaguery. But I appreciate the point of what you're trying to do.
Unknown said…
"You are still important." That's something that everyone needs to hear frequently, especially those who suffer from mental illness. One of the biggest obstacles to get over is believing you're not good enough, important or useful in any way.
Unknown said…
I think "important" is meant in every definition of the word. In this case it has a lot of different meanings and reasons why. I think the writer is not only saying the topic is important (as in shouldn't be ignored and people shouldn't judge) but also that the people going through it are important (as in they're not useless and they mean something to society as well). Just my take on it.
Unknown said…
Just remember to not over think
to not think it everyday
only on its important days
because you are important

Perfect advice! AND yes! everyone has something... I think neurotic is the best we can all hope for!