Say Yes & Day 9

Hello readers,

Before I share my poem of the day I have something else to share. DAMSEL DISTRESSED comes out in less than a week, on Oct 14!! And there is a catchy tour/tag going on called Say Yes to Distressed.

So confession time! My distressing/embarrassing moment was that a close friend was changing something in them and I didn't like it. Instead of going to them I went to not another friend but an acquaintance and burst into tears and told them what happened. I shouldn't have done that. In the end it was fine. I confronted my close friend and she forgave me. We are still close, if not closer today.

Since we are talking fairytales, you should check this out: Elissa Sussman Gives Fairy Tales A Feminist Edge

Now onto OctPoWriMo:

Looking back at the past few days
and not much, no one notices
the effort I'm putting in

I want to stop and see if people still notice
if they don't i might need to change something
if they do then I have something powerful hidden in the midst of all this

Either way
I still continue
it's a way to practice for the real thing
it's a way to get an idea for a project
it's a way to release all that's in me
that bad energy I want to get rid of
the good energy I want to share
the inspiring energy I want to give
I want to love.

Thank you,




Wanda Psycho said…
Honestly, I do it just because.
I'm quite sure I would have done the same thing as you did, going to another friend regarding the situation you were discussing. I have trouble with confrontation.
Your final line got me deep in my gut. Yes, yes, yes! Me, too!
Sunita said…
We are human after all :)
Michelle Liew said…
Yes, I related absolutely to this. Every bit!