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What We Fight For
by Makayla Mattocks

Inspired by the tragic killing of George Floyd, "What We Fight For" is a powerful collection of eight poems and several real-life stories highlighting various struggles the African American community faces today, how far we have come, and our hope for the future. Purchase a copy

It's Past Midnight Somewhere

by Jamal-e-Fatima

A debut collection of poetry about revisiting pain, reclaiming heritage and rediscovering bliss in solitude. Four themes in the book take you through where the poet has been, where she comes from, where she is at and where she is going. "I love the imagery of nature and love. There is a beautiful awareness of cultural identity and faith. It resonated with me. I can feel the pain and pride behind the poems. There are pieces included that empower the reader." Purchase a copy

by Gabriella Alziari

Healing is a collection of poems about a woman's journey to overcome pain and discover her inner power. It is divided into five sections: My Solitude, My Pain, My Passion, My Power, and My Spirituality. Each poem is paired with magical illustrations. Purchase a copy

A Canvas of Stars
by Brianna da Silva

Leaving your childhood faith can be a harrowing journey that brings freedom, but also pain. This short book of poetry tells the story of a young woman who realized she was bisexual, and began to question all she knew. Told in four chapters, using the language of myth and fantastical metaphor, it paints an intimate picture of her evolution from innocence and suppression, to horror and liberation, to trauma and loneliness, and finally, to healing and purpose. Purchase a copy.

Storm of Hope
by Leila Tualla

Storm of Hope: God, Preeclampsia, Depression and me is a memoir told in journal entries and poetry from a mom who was diagnosed with preeclampsia. The diagnosis with her second pregnancy propelled the author into a “postpartum forest where the trees of doubt, sorrow, anger and rage loomed all around me.” What becomes to the author and her second baby gives way to hope and a way out of the darkness. Purchase a copy