OctPoWriMo Day 29

Hello readers,

I was blinded by joy
by grief
all from annoyance and embarrassment
I want that consuming bliss
that euphoric moment again

I don't want to be blind
from the good moments
I want to experience them

I don't want the good moments to blind me
I want to care for those
without many or any good moments.

Love, Fida

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Angela said…
There's a big heart in your poem!
Jessica Kay said…
This is lovely Fi! And from what I read in your poems, your heart is large and good and lovely, like your words. :-)
Crystal Collier said…
Love that. I want to good moments to blind me too! Beautiful line.

Unleashing the Dreamworld
Sweetly written Fida, thanks for sharing and linking up with OctPoWriMo. Peace to you. =)
Rod E. Kok said…
Very heart-warming piece, knowing that you are out there wanting to help people! Great write!
Deepti Agarwal said…
so very touching .. With Love and Kindness..