Friday, July 15, 2011

Faith Friday: Believe

Hi to my new readers! 

If you're here for my poetry fest entries, go one post down. If you're here for my entry for Ali Cross's blog fest, it's a little different than you expect but enjoy!

Unexpected Turns

It's Independence day
or just the fourth or July
if you want to call it that
yet that doesn't matter
when something unexpected happens.

Going to Niagara Falls as a family
was the plan,
but having sat in a car for 8 hours
and being surrounded by boys
was too much.

My body ached
emotionally and physically
I wanted to be alone.

I got that for a few
but my little cousin
also stayed behind
and wanted me to hang out.

I did for awhile
but sleep was calling
and I was able to answer.

But again I was interrupted
cuz the family was home
talking about the fun
seeing a sunset on the falls
and the fireworks coming after that
they say I missed so much
and I know I did
but rest was really needed.

~137 words


Also, there is the #TourdeWriting going on. My word count for this first week is only 186 words. And finally for my sisters, I found a new love, Maher Zain- I Believe. Enjoy!

thank you,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Day of Poetryfest

Assalamu Alaikum sisters,

Before I get to my third and last poem of the blog fest, I have an award to mention. As you know, earlier this year TheSisWhoSmiles awarded me the Butterfly Award. Along with me, she awarded The Creative Muslimah. And yesterday The Creative Muslimah awarded me the award that was awarded to the both of us. Now enjoy this poem. 


Everyone has their own kind of wings
so fly away and be a butterfly
showing your colors
to the world
also helping those along the way.

You feed them
to work their wings
and be their own
just like you.

Keep it up
yet be like a
sunrise and a sunset
going over the horizon,
but remembering to come back
and shine your light on those you love.

(c) Jul 2011

thank you,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poetry Schmoetry: Silence

Assalamu Alaikum sisters,

I'm entering my first blog fest ever! Also, it's a poetry one! The blog fest is called Poetry Schmoetry. My first entry was Monday's poem, today is the second entry, and i'A tomorrow will be the third and last. So enjoy!


Silence is all I need
after all this
rushing here and there
everyone is piling work on my
I take it as stress
overflowing my frustration level
I want to rest, I want to cry
I know nothing will stop, stay still

But all I need silence
to brighten me up.

thank you,

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Blessings #7: Motivation

Assalamu Alaikum sisters,

I'm back and with motivation for you!

Got my feet on the ground
I'll keep on going
no matter the obstacle

I may take a little break
but enough to get my energy back
and feet back on the ground.

(written Jul 9, 11)

love, Fida