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Embracing Vulnerability

Hello Poetteers,

It's Fida. One thing I want to do with this platform is cultivate a community of encouraging women poets who share the struggles and joys of writing vulnerability in their poetry. Amy and I collaborated on this post to talk about vulnerability.

1. What does vulnerability mean to you?

: Vulnerability means sharing the depths of your heart. It is showing really personal thoughts, emotions and experiences.

Amy: Vulnerability is the willingness to reveal the more fragile emotions within oneself, but within the right context. In other words, it's wise to be selective in using discernment in how much you choose to reveal your vulnerability, and to whom. It's important to protect some space around your vulnerability, while at the same time be willing to share it with a certain audience.
2. How do you embrace vulnerability in life?

Fida: I embrace vulnerability by showing my emotions and weaknesses and not being afraid of it. It's also being honest with your…

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