Friday, December 15, 2017

Poetry Collaboration - Sahira

Hello Poetteers,

Today's poem is about determination. Enjoy!

Determination is the drive
through obstacles to accomplish
our goals and reach our dreams

Our dreams are known,
when we've spent time with ourselves,
the truth is what we need

We learn our needs are kept alive
by determination
and we let it lead us through life.

by Fida islaih and Sahira Javaid

Check out Sahira's latest poetry book, Crack of Dawn. 

Stay inspired,

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Poetry Collaboration - Isabelle

Hello Poetteers, 

I hope you enjoy today's poem. 

Dancing For Joy

Dancing with my friends, I discover my body:
I'm twirling under the lights,
electricity fuelled limbs

I watch their hips sway
arms pumping the air -
following along I am not as smooth,
but my smile fills the room,
hits the roof,
bounces off the ceiling

I was afraid of showing skin
my body always aches to feel whole
but I don’t feel it tonight
it’s all about seeing the joy in our eyes:
When I dance I am transcendent,
And in my laughter, I find self-love.

By Fida Islaih and Isabelle Kenyon

Isabelle has a poetry book published called 'This is not a Spectacle'.

Stay inspired,

Monday, December 4, 2017

Poetry Collaboration - Jen

Hello Poetteers,

This poem was inspired after listening to Pink's "What About Us?" Enjoy!

I gave you a chance
I gave you my love, my trust
but you said so many things
so many things that turned out to be lies

I'm not taking it anymore
I'm ready to face this world
without you
and I'm okay with that

I have all the power in my heart
to change it all
I don't have to be afraid.

By Fida Islaih and Jennifer Rapp

Check out Jen's debut poetry book, Ink Stained Hands.

Stay inspired,

Friday, December 1, 2017

Poetry Collaboration - Luna

Hello Poetteers,

I feel like I've been slacking on the blog and decided on a project to bring the blog back to life. A little while ago I got to collaborate with Luna on a poem. Enjoy!


All bruised up
I look up at the stars
the sky is the same color
purple and black
I don't let the bruise bring me down
the way the purple gives into the night, making one feel closer
with the stars and the universe
I am a star among stars.

By Fida Islaih and Luna Margo Valentine

You can find Luna sharing original pieces of soft girl poetry over on twitter.

Stay inspired,

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Length of Your Poetry

Hello Poetteers,

There are many different kinds of poetry books and different options on the length of them. Before compiling your own book, research the market for similar pieces to know what you are getting into. Some readers may read all the poems, but some won't. I have to confess that I sometimes skim poems. I usually go for shorter poems and smaller poetry collections. Something has to touch my heart for me to read longer pieces. I'm starting to gravitate towards the thicker poetry books.

The average length is 60 to 100 pages of poetry, sometimes 200 pages feel like a lot. I think it depends on how you read. Some people read from cover to cover and others will read a bit of it through a length of time. It depends on the type of the book:

  • 20-30 for a chapbook
  • 50-80 for a full-length book
  • 200-300 pages are the max length. Be careful because it may seem too long.

It's about whatever the story and book require. Adjust where needed. The length and format of the individual poems matter too. You should be consistent. Have one poem per page.

The individual poems I write are usually shorter pieces. I can’t force myself to write longer pieces unless I feel there is more to the story and the story calls for it. Sometimes it may seem like a ramble if too long. I think my poems in short spurts. And I write several in one sitting. Eventually, I may have many similar pieces. I'll edit them and combine them together. 

It will come up later if a poem needs a change in story or length. The length or edits of a poem will eventually show itself. Just like when you have a poetry idea that you haven't written or a poem you haven't finished. For example, I have two poetry ideas. One is a poem about foreign language and another is about sunflowers. I noticed throughout the month I have been seeing signs to write the poem. Whether it's reading other poems about sunflowers or every other week I'm writing different parts of the language poem without thinking of the past pieces I've written (I know this because I have a tracking system for my poems).

Comment: What is the average length of your poems? Do you prefer shorter or longer pieces?

Stay inspired,


Monday, October 30, 2017

Keep A Positivity File

Hello Poetteers,

We all should have a document filled with our favorite quotes, poem, etc to read whenever you are feeling down. Keep all the compliments and good reviews to read whenever you are doubting yourself or read a bad review.

This will encourage you to see the best and keep going. It will remind you that you are doing well, on the right path. that you know what you are doing. It will rid of feeling like an imposter. (how I deal with the imposter syndrome).

It may be slow but you are building something out of nothing, with your own hands. I hope after this, you create a positivity file for yourself. Pay it forward by complimenting someone or leaving a positive review of their work.

stay inspired, 


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Keep Your Edits Organized

Hello Poetteers,

Poetry is messy, in good and bad ways. I like to stay organized or my mind will feel chaotic. Also, you can look back at when you wrote specific poems to see where you’re mind was at. You intentionally don't want to repeat old poems but there will be moments of serendipity.
  1. Use track changes when editing your poem. 
  2. In the document name say whether it’s a draft, edited or final copy. 
  3. Or maybe have all the versions of the poem in one doc. 
  4. Have another file for scraps of poems you didn’t use. 
  5. Maybe electronic is not your thing and you print it out. Use a different colored pen to write in the margins. 
  6. Use excel to keep track of when you wrote the poem, when you edited and how many times, when you shared or published it. 
  7. Keep a checklist of how to edit your poem to use each time. 
Bonus: How to organize your poetry book

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