Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Hello Poetteers,

For a while now I’ve been coming to the point where I dreading blogging. I ask myself why I should repeat the information I already share in my newsletter.

I have been blogging for almost a decade. I started when I discovered poetry and wanted a platform to share them. Eventually, my blog changed from original poems to poetry tips. I went from sharing on my blog to sharing on Instagram. And then the poetry tips moved to my newsletter.

This is my last blog post. I feel it's stagnant. There is no growth/ it's not bringing anything. My focus has changed from my blog to my newsletter and PoetteerChat. I will always be writing poetry, sharing behind the scenes and poetry tips. The old posts will remain online. I am planning on repurposing the content.

I hope we stay in touch.

Stay inspired,


Monday, January 29, 2018

Save or Share Poetry

Hello Poetteers,

How do you figure out what to share and what to save for later:

  • Save it if it fits with the theme for your poetry collection.
  • Post what feels right at the moment, maybe if it has to do with current events.
  • It can depend on the length and what it's about. I share the simple stuff and keep the fancy stuff for the collections. (Honestly, long stuff might not get much attention because people are just scrolling through quickly.)
  • Maybe cut some parts of the poem and post those and leave the rest for later.

You can get the PDF version of this for future reference.

Stay inspired,

Friday, January 19, 2018

Poetry Submission Fees

Hello Poetteers,

Recently, there has been a big conversation about submission fees. I don't like paying for submission fees. I don't get why you have to pay people to read your work. You are paying for a submission you aren't even sure will be published. The price deters me away. It can be hard to afford but the experience might be nice.

I’ll pay submission fees if I fully stand behind the press itself. Whether there is a fee or not you have to research if the journal or publisher is legit. But I do understand that they have fees because that along with book sales it is what keeps the journal or publisher running. I have my own way to go about that and I want to share it with you.

  • Read their submission guidelines.
  • Check out which authors they have published.
  • Read a previously published poetry book or journal issue to get a feel for their style.

I appreciate that there are journals and publishers that will take your submissions for free. But the fees could either help or hurt them. They need to figure a way to keep running but be affordable to poets and its readers. The fee limits the poet's reach to readers. Here is a great article I found about submission fees.

Get the whole checklist for future reference. 

Stay inspired,


Monday, January 8, 2018

Updates & Vulnerability

Hello Poetteers,

As you may have noticed that I didn't continue with the 12 poetry collaborations of dec. I couldn't find enough people that wanted to participate. Next, last month was my 9th blog anniversary. But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

My lifelong poetry affirmation is "my writing gives me clarity" but last year I had a specific poetry affirmation of "I will confidently take baby steps to share my vulnerability."

I had confessed that I was scared to share vulnerable pieces and scared of my emotions to write. When I first started writing poetry and finding my voice I let myself feel different emotions and question myself. I had explored my culture and faith. Some poetry evolved after a few pieces. But then I found a comfortable space in poetry and stayed there. I didn't push myself to look even deeper. I loved writing and sharing "hope in reality" through my poems. I still do and will keep doing so. Yet I didn't feel my poetry and myself grow. I started feeling stuck.

Ever since I put it out in the universe that I needed to be vulnerable I've seen myself write a bit darker. I let myself feel the emotions and question myself through the poetry. I wrote about death and anxiety. The sharing part is what I am still working on. You may subtly see hints of the darker pieces.

It's hard to be vulnerable online. I'm taking my own advice. Maybe share a line or stanza of the poem instead of the whole piece. Then once you see the positive response you may be more comfortable to share the whole poem. I'm excited and nervous to share the parts of myself I haven't before. My next poetry affirmation for this year is "I will confidently challenge my poetry."

I hope that you see that when you put what you want out into the universe it will come true. Pick a poetry affirmation and repeat it to yourself. You will see yourself working on it and it will come true. 

Stay inspired (and encourage others),

Song of the day: Beating Me Up by Rachel Platten.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Poetry Collaboration - Sahira

Hello Poetteers,

Today's poem is about determination. Enjoy!

Determination is the drive
through obstacles to accomplish
our goals and reach our dreams

Our dreams are known,
when we've spent time with ourselves,
the truth is what we need

We learn our needs are kept alive
by determination
and we let it lead us through life.

by Fida islaih and Sahira Javaid

Check out Sahira's latest poetry book, Crack of Dawn. 

Stay inspired,

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Poetry Collaboration - Isabelle

Hello Poetteers, 

I hope you enjoy today's poem. 

Dancing For Joy

Dancing with my friends, I discover my body:
I'm twirling under the lights,
electricity fuelled limbs

I watch their hips sway
arms pumping the air -
following along I am not as smooth,
but my smile fills the room,
hits the roof,
bounces off the ceiling

I was afraid of showing skin
my body always aches to feel whole
but I don’t feel it tonight
it’s all about seeing the joy in our eyes:
When I dance I am transcendent,
And in my laughter, I find self-love.

By Fida Islaih and Isabelle Kenyon

Isabelle has a poetry book published called 'This is not a Spectacle'.

Stay inspired,

Monday, December 4, 2017

Poetry Collaboration - Jen

Hello Poetteers,

This poem was inspired after listening to Pink's "What About Us?" Enjoy!

I gave you a chance
I gave you my love, my trust
but you said so many things
so many things that turned out to be lies

I'm not taking it anymore
I'm ready to face this world
without you
and I'm okay with that

I have all the power in my heart
to change it all
I don't have to be afraid.

By Fida Islaih and Jennifer Rapp

Check out Jen's debut poetry book, Ink Stained Hands.

Stay inspired,