Poem: Speaking For Children

Hello poetry lovers, it's day 11 of OctPoWriMo!

Young children
live under war
lose their innocence faster
need to be even braver
as they play, learn, fight

They will forever be
in a vulnerable state
need to be courageous

As they try to live;

I am one of them
I know these children
we have to help echo their voices.

Love, Fida

#Poetteers (check out my book, HER OLIVES, for more poems like this).


Michelle Liew said…
We were so fortunate to have good childhoods. This was excellent!!
Beth Camp said…
A heartfelt poem, a true tribute to Malala's experience and your own. I love that last line.
Thank you for using your voice to share your experiences and speaking up for others. Glad you joined us this year at OctPoWriMo.
payal agarwal said…
This is really nice!
Sunita said…
Very apt! You have touched the essence of the prompt Fida.
Lizzi said…
Very tough to grow up that way. I hope one day kids won't have to.