OctPoWriMo: Day Three

Hello poetry lovers,

That moment you enter
into your passions
you enter into sweet indulgence

You are in your own little world
content on what you have and do

The poetry
the calligraphy is eye candy

Doing what you love
is a sugar rush.

Love, Fida



vivinfrance said…
That is a happy sweet poem. Brava!
Lance Smith said…
Nice - not sure if this was a sugar "crush" or I just got a sugar "rush" from reading this!
payal agarwal said…
It's nice..I liked the first few lines very much.
Vinay Leo R. said…
Very beautiful :) I too liked that opening verse a lot.
Anonymous said…
Aah sweet indulgence!....very nice.
Lizzi said…
Kind of makes me want to indulge... :)
Angela van Son said…
So true: "Doing what you love
is a sugar rush."

Makes me think that could be an excellent way of dieting: when you feel peckish, go do something you love...
Tamara Woods said…
Doing what you love is definitely a sugar rush. Thanks for linking up, Frida!
Unknown said…
hahaha I love that concept... the sugar rush is grand!