OctPoWriMo Day 20

Hello Poetteers,

Two months ago today I published my third poetry collection, HUGS & KISSES.

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Rather be
have all the chances
chasing the sun

It's more than what you think
written word wanting to be spoken
verses decorated
seeing the world

In the afterlight.


It's late
you're late
I don't want to rush
I'm tired of having to hurry
give my heart a break

Don't forget
I never do
let me know it's going to be okay

Cuz even if the stars and moon collide
the positive vibes are still in the air
centuries have passed

it's going to be okay.

Love, Fida


Anonymous said…
Well done!
vivinfrance said…
I hate rushing! You've fulfilled the prompt beautifully.
Lizzi said…
I like your last two lines - they remind me that in the grand scheme of things, a little lateness isn't the end of the world.
Rush. Hurray. Late. There is such an urgency to these words. But our attitude changes when we remind ourselves that "it's going to be okay." :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely. :)
Ahhhh....such a hopeful ending! =D