OctPoWriMo Day 27

Hello readers,

Cry myself to sleep
every night
living with insomnia

Toss and turn
every night
wonder why
I have insomnia

Too many thoughts
feelings and voices
in my mind
as my head hits the pillow

I need to learn
to quiet them down
way before bedtime;

Those precious moments
when you drift to sleep
and you don't wake
until your alarm
finally rested

I'm happy, content
can have a busy day
don't have to feel lazy
just for being tired.

Love, Fida



Michelle Liew said…
Ah yes, sleep is so precious!
Crystal Collier said…
Yeah...that's pretty much my life. Here's hoping that one day sleep will return.

Unleashing the Dreamworld
Unknown said…
There is not a person on earth who can't relate to this poem.
Unknown said…
you captured a sense of frustration... argh! insomnia!
vivinfrance said…
I know that feeling only too well!
Anonymous said…
I have suffered from this all too often.
One thing that worked for me was meditation, as I learnt to do with yoga. The thing I realised though is that I don't manage to get into that state of meditation when thoughts are swarming my mind. What I needed to do was get up, do some yoga poses, stretches, leg and arm swings (takes the blood away from the brain into the limbs) and then was able to meditate and drift off to sleep...
Fida Islaih said…
I love yoga! It helps with sleep and energy. A hot mug of hot chocolate helps, too.