OctPoWriMo Day 16

Hello poetry lovers,

After three days of not following the prompts...

Once upon a time
I was on one fine wire
I was your hope

My worry ends
you are my hope
through the dawn of day
the dusk of night

Am I wrong
I know I'm not
I'm blessed
we have a love like this
we live happily ever after.

It's teen read week! Is my poetry collections one of the many books on your list? I hope so. It might inspire you to get out of your funk. Maybe inspire you to go do something, stand up for something. May just inspire something.

I'll stop now. Love,


Unknown said…
"My worry ends, you are my hope". I love it! Those lines are just simply beautiful.
Rod E. Kok said…
That last verse is perfect!! Well written!!
Diana said…
May we all live happily ever after!