T is for Tea

Hello readers, Today is a simple day. Here is one poem that may or may not start with the letter T:

Tea or Coffee

We are from a culture
that loves both

Every household needs it
they may ask for one or the other
but at the end, you'll get both

Ever girl needs to know
how to make both
it's a test to who will love you
or love you more

a test to who is lucky to have you
unless that girl is lucky
finding a guy that can do it.

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}


s said…
The last stanza made me smile. Wonderful words...:)
Ghadeer said…
I really need to find a guy who will know how to make it for himself :(
Crystal Collier said…
Neither for me of my family, thanks. We like water in our house. Oh, and apple cider. (American cider.) Am I mean mommy that my kids only drink water or milk?
Fida Islaih said…
@Crystal, you're not mean, you're good. This tea/coffee thing is a cultural thing.
I married a guy who is happy to make me coffee every time I want one. I'm so lucky. :-) (Oh, he brews tea, too.)

From A to Z Challenge,
Sonnia J. Kemmer
Christine Rains said…
Lovely poem. Though I can't make either tea or coffee!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Loving all your poems from the A-Z challenge. Keep it up :)
Fida Islaih said…
Thank you, Sha! (-: And thank you everyone (-:
Laila said…
The last part made me smile! :) great poem!