A to Z: V & W Poems

I apologize for not posting yesterday. Here is two poems, one for the letter V and another for W:


A vast mind can be good or bad
you might have something
or you might not

Even if you do
you don't know what to let out
and what to hide
whether to let stay or go.

With your vastness
you may be disliked or loved
Just put yourself out there.

*of course I doubt putting my poems out there, but you all seem to like bits and pieces of different kinds. Also, I did have three different lines for the end. I hope you enjoyed it!

Wake up

Wake up and smell the coffee
smell the roses
smell and see everything as it is

If it's good, show it
if it's bad, hide it and/or change it
it's what your life is for.

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}


s said…
Coincidence! I was just getting back to other blogs and I saw you posted. Well, I like your 'vast' poem. As long as the mind isn't so vast that we ourselves get lost, I think it's pretty much okay.
Thanks for sharing! :)
Christine Rains said…
Great V day. I do like the different bits. You have a wonderful mind for imagery.