P is for Poetry

Hello, I'm thankful for your love and I have one poem to show that. My other poem is another myna inspired poem. I hope you enjoy both:

Post Camp Depression

You are all of a sudden alone
after days of being with a big group
of course you're sad

You gained a high
after doing everything together
you try to keep that high
with your memories.



All I do is express myself
they read it
And say it touches their heart
it gives them all these emotions
and I'm forever sharing with them
I'm forever grateful for the gift God gave me.

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}


s said…
Masha Allah Fida! A poem on poetry and beautifully composed.
Sorry couldn't visit back earlier.
Crystal Collier said…
Memories are sparkling remnants of the best times and should be actively sought and gathered to light our way through the dark times. =)

Very nice.
Mark said…
Great poems:) P is for poetry indeed, great to meet a fellow writer:)
Christine Rains said…
And a magnificent gift it is. :)
I hate saying goodbye for that very reason!
Simply Sarah said…
I relate to the feeling expressed in the first poem. I use to do mission work and I would direct teams where they needed to go, cook for tons of people and work with so many children. I loved it. I loved being part of something big. Its hard when its just you again.Simply Sarah