A to Z: R is for Red


A color that can go both ways
it can be soft or hard
of love or anger

Red is the blood that flows
in our body keeping us alive
Red is the blood that drips
when we are hurt.

Red is a just a color.


It's been a week since camp started and ended
I'm catching up to my resting
I had left exhausted and the next day I slept half the day
but from that day on my midday rests have been shorter
I know I'm getting my rest and a reward for going

This wasn't just another event
to hangout with people and then forget them
it's an even to make a friend that will last for the rest of time

If only I could see them again at another camp
but the next is rigorous
and unless there was a miracle
I'll fast at home during Ramadan
and rest at home all summer.

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}


s said…
See that's the beauty of poetry. I like ur comparisons in the poem red. Thanks for sharing. :)
Anonymous said…
Great poems.

Red is my favorite color.
Crystal Collier said…
Ooh! Red, both ways... That's profound. I love it!
Christine Rains said…
Love your take on the color Red.