A to Z: J is for Jasmine

Here are some poems may or may not be inspired by poetic asides and start with the letter, J:


Jasmine is a kind of flower
it grows in Palestine
yet it smells okay
this adds more meaning
to why I love the name

In Arabic it's Yasmeen
a favorite of mine since I could remember
it was a name my parents
were thinking of giving me, but didn't.

*I could use it as a pen name, but by MC already holds that name.

In Case of A Journey

Life is a journey
pack light and don't collect anything
expect good deeds to bring home

Life is a journey
and you can love or hate
the ones in your life
you may fall into mistakes

But fix yourself up
cuz life's a journey.

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}


I LOVE Jasmine! The smell is divine! I have some growing in my garden, hiding my AC unit! :)

Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
s said…
Life is a journey not a race. Thanks for reminding us. It's meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.
adhi das said…
ur writing is as sweet & awesome as the jasmine..like the jasmine fragrance lingers so is ur lines.Smiles:)God<3U
Crystal Collier said…
Life definitely is a journey. It's easy to forget, as you get settled in one place, that life is constantly changing. Beautiful.
Christine Rains said…
Life is most certainly a journey. Sometimes we forget the map, but that's okay!
Anonymous said…
Life is a journey and may we each have a pleasant and long one. Regards, Sandra
Jasmin is my granddauthter's name. To see her, I'd need to take a journey from England to Australia.
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