A to Z: Y is for Yoga

Hello readers, it's the second to last day of this challenge! Here's a few poems that may or may not be inspired by poetic asides and may or may not start with the letter Y:


Exercise your mind and your body
push yourself, yet relax
Yoga lets you exercise both
but in ways to let you calm down and relax.


People say life
is like a roller coaster
and it is,
but it also
can be compared to other things
like a yo-yo.

We Need

Shade we need
once we get heated
water we need
food we need
it is life we are living
while we get heated.

*this last poem was my attempt at a shadorma.

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}


Ghadeer said…
And it can be compared to an ice-cream too :)
s said…
Would have to google that! Thanks for sharing these beautiful poems. :)
Unknown said…
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Crystal Collier said…
Can you believe it? Only one more day--and we did it! We survived to the end!
Fida Islaih said…
@crystal: I'm somewhat surprised! There was a few times I wanted to quit.
Anonymous said…
I haven't got to the point yet where yoga makes me relax ... soon, though ... if only my muscles will cooperate. I used to stop and start, but thing time I'm hanging in there.

One more day to go; I'll miss the camaraderie of A - Z. Please stop by MROP any time you wish.
Christine Rains said…
I like the last one a lot.