Olive Jazz Day 3 & More

Hello Poetteers,

Today is day three of OLIVE JAZZ. The prompt is write about a stranger and an enemy. If you want to go back: Day Two. Day One.

My goal is to write everyday and edit at least a page a day of MAYBE LOVING YOU.

I finished my writing for today. I still need to edit today. I did get four pages done yesterday.

P.S. You should check out the BLITZ team. In small, you spread love to bloggers. One blog I think you should check out is Cafuné, if you love poems, bookstore observations and intimate things.

Love and thank you, Fida


Simply Sarah said…
Yay for already having your writing done! I'm hoping to get mine in this evening.
Miss Cole said…
Congrats on getting your writing done. Good luck with all of your goals :D
Melissa said…
Good for you, Fida. It feels good to meet those goals. :)