#LoveAThon Mini Challenge 4

Hello Poetteers,

This challenge is all about mash-ups. We have to put together our bookish life with a non-bookish passion. It's easy once you know your passion.

I love reading and writing stories and poetry. I love music, food and travel.

I want to travel everywhere. Backpack in Europe. Explore Asia. Help Arabia. Try all the different foods. Probably with the characters of PAPER TOWNS. They have a good plan in place.

You got to listen to music when you're driving or on a plane. UNWRITTEN is a bookish song. Or anything Natasha Bedingfield. Or anything bought for my phone. I just like background noise when I read or write. Yet I like to hang out with the songs I first heard of when introduced to music, instead of the newer ones. Maybe in our travels and meals we bump into my favorite artists and get to do some cool stuff like write, sing or just explore with them.

At the end and even during the adventures I'd keep a journal of poetry and what we did.

There I got everything I love to fit!

Love and thank you, Fida


I LOVE Paper Towns. It is one of my absolute favorite John Green novels. I hate to say it, but I think I love it more than TFiOS. Eek!

Great mash up of all your interests! And now I have Unwritten in my head. ;)