Love-a-Thon Mini Challenge 2

Hello Poetteers,

Here's my book valentine, enjoy!

Dear Book Boyfriend, I can't just pick one, yet I can't cheat. I'll create one myself. I love one who is shy and sensitive. One that is willing to help me. One who shows his strength and finishes his job. One who shows his love, but respects my boundaries. Maybe I did find my one book boyfriend. Maybe it's you, Park.

Love and thank you, Fida


Alexa S. said…
Park, from Eleanor and Park? That's an EXCELLENT choice, if so. I think he's a nice boy, and also one who knows how to love strong and well.
Aww Park is a great choice. And I like your idea of creating a book boyfriend from scratch too. Maybe a lurking author will take notice and write your perfect book valentine!
I really want to read Eleanor & Park! I've read Fangirl, and I really enjoyed that. Park sounds adorable, though. I love how you talked about your perfect book boyfriend, and then it was Park. Such a cute idea!
Katelyn said…
I love this! Picking just one book boyfriend can be tough but finding the PERFECT book boyfriend can be tougher. Here's to hoping you find your perfect book boyfriend one day!
Anonymous said…
I haven't read anything by Rainbow Rowell yet, but Park sounds like a guy I'd love!
I haven't read E&P yet, but it's sitting on my shelf! I read Fangirl a few months ago and absolutely loved it so I'm dying to read Rainbow's other books!