Hello Poetteers,

We will resume regular schedule after Feb 18, 2014. This week is the poetry blogfest for the upcoming release of HER OLIVES.

Today's prompt is to write a poem about a typical day in freedom and occupation.

Good luck! Here is my attempt:

Occupation vs. Freedom

Occupation is
your land taken
going trough checkpoints
at every corner
to enter another city

waiting in long lines
not knowing if you'll get through
if they are in a good mood
or bad mood and shoot.

is living wherever
getting what you need
and even what you want
and a good amount of it

Freedom is
is the ability to go anywhere
without being watched or hurt.



Yes there is Independence Day
or anniversaries of loss days
and harvest days
and different kinds of love days

Yet we need more days
to show our love for the world
and our countries

Yesterday as a Palestinian
I celebrate
as a Palestinian is represented on TV

Today I start a celebration
of my upcoming publication
of Palestinian themed poetry

Everyday should be and is
a day worth celebrating for.

Love and thank you, Fida