HER OLIVES: Top Six Behind the Scenes Facts

Hello Poetteers,

Her Olives comes out tomorrow!! Here are some behind the scenes:

1. Other titles I was thinking of was JASMINE AND OLIVES, JASMINE AND HER OLIVES or HER OLIVES.
2. My sister almost made a cover for the book.
3. It took me three years to write all the poems. Poems require inspiration not force.
4. My drafts went from a collection of poems in order they were written to a story. Then back to a different order of collection will see when the book is released!
5. Until two months before publication I was still adding poems. The gray area of advantage and disadvantage of self publishing.
6. This was mostly inspired through twitter. The other half is my mind. I didn't meet anyone hinted in my poems. Except for my dad and grandmothers obviously. 

Now onto the blessings of the week:

• Had an awesome weekend on twitter with the Love-a-Thon.
• My mom's homemade bread.
• Last but not least the wake up calls/reality checks God gives us with all these news of death. May He protect us all, ameen!

Love and thank you, Fida


Zee said…
Well done girl, keep it up 😀