Friday Review: Zeitoun

Hello Poetteers,

A while back I was at goodwill and got some books. One was ZEITOUN. And I finished it earlier this week. Here's my thoughts:

This book has annotations. Mostly in the beginning, then stopped. It's a humbling feeling seeing Quran verses in this book. Seeing someone love the words of the Quran.

There is lots of annotations about dismissing instinct vs wanting to give into it.

This person knows what to highlight. I like the quote, "if a sailor finds the right port or right woman he'll drop anchor."

I loved reading the story of how Zeitoun and Kathy met. "She had a wide, shy, electric smile. He wanted that. He wanted to make her smile like that. He wanted to be the reason."

I really loved reading her friend's and Kathy's convert stories. It will make you fall in love with Islam. It did for me even though I am a Muslim. It's all in how the message is given. Seeing it made me smile and tear up.

I love what he did with the fishes. His tent adventure. What he did with his canoe. Helping people and dogs. I love the constant reminder of the Quran and prayer. I love the metaphor he made about God. I love how he found the horses, relating to his talk. It's more than sad that he disappeared. I loved reading their story of traveling to Syria. To Spain. And their inside jokes to motivate her.

Then I stopped mentioning everything I loved and focused on reading. It's a bit scary to with what happens. That's why I can't believe this is non-fiction.

Based of this book, here's where I want to travel:

Syria, of course! Spain, Italy, Greece, North Africa, Lebanon and Palestine


Homemade bread, McD's, or any Mediterranean/Arab dish


Waiting On The World To Change and Say, both by John Mayer - first song I heard as I started the book.

Payphone by Maroon 5 - Kathy and Zeitoun's conversations.

Lighthouse Tale by Nickel Creek - as Kathy told the church on her thoughts on accepting Islam.

MUSLIM by Native Deen - as I finished the scenes of Kathy's convert story.

• Dream On by Yusuf Islam - Zeitoun's thoughts on his childhood.

I Love You So by Maher Zain - during Zeitoun's disappearance.

Stand Alone by Native Deen - for his staying behind and help. His suffering through prison.

Won't Go Home Without You by Maroon 5

Have you read Zeitoun? What did you think of it? If you have or haven't read it what food, country and song triggered in your mind by the word Zeitoun? Let me know in the comments below.

If you're still reading, comment below that you're awesome!

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Love and thank you, Fida


Crystal Collier said…
I was just following along until you said "non fiction." Yikes! Now you've totally got my interest with this one. Is that crazy? I'm not the type to go for non fiction.
Anonymous said…
This looks like a great book and I've heard of this author before. It sounds like fiction, but it's thrilling that this really happened.
Haneen Ibrahim said…
I kind of got that its a non fiction book early on, the cover alone makes it obvious, but the "he disappeared" part was what gave me a shock. Seems like a really good book and I loved how you were so passionate about it in your review, probably your strongest review (at least in my humble opinion).