Olive Jazz Day 2 & Goals

Hello Poetteers,

Today is day two of OLIVE JAZZ!! The prompt is a little simpler than yesterday's: Write about family vs friend.

Family vs. Friend

Family is someone
that always stays
while friends come and go
Family is those who understand
the craziness of your family
yet friends give you
an outsider view
on how to deal with family

Family is back home
where all the extended members
live in the same house
or at least the same street

Friends are those
who live near by
become your family
when you don't have one.

P.S. A group of girls are hosting a writer recharge this month and I'm joining in. My goals are to revise a page a day for MAYBE LOVING YOU. Write 6 days a week. You can check in at #WriterRecharge.

Love and thank you, Fida


Sara Biren said…
Thanks for joining our WriterRecharge! Best of luck with your goals!
Kim said…
Hey Fida! glad to meet you and good luck with #writerrecharge!