#LoveAThon Mini Challenge 5

Hello Poetteers,

I have put my heart out there with my poems, but I'm about to do it with a letter. It's personal and hard for me, so be kind, please. Thank you! And here's my love letter poem (:

Dear Fida,

Habibti, no matter how bad and hard it is right now you will be in a better place with awesome people, old and new. Those who listen to you, understand your silence and wait for you to talk. Know you need a heart to heart, but sometimes just want a hug and their presence beside you.

You will overcome your disability and fears. You will get out of that job and get a new, better one. You will see your writing succeed with love, touched souls. You will find someone who loves you more than your crush or maybe it is him or not.

You will get to do more travels. You will be inspiring, a good role model and mentor. You will get to be more you.

Love, Fifi


Anonymous said…
This is so beautiful! It sounds like you went through some tough times, but that you came out better and stronger on the other side.

I love how you ended it, "you will get to be more you."

In the end, that's what we all need: the freedom to be ourselves <3
Anonymous said…
This letter is absolutely gorgeous and made me tear up. Be yourself, everyone adores you and you've got a great community full of people who love you!
DevouredShannon said…
This is beautiful! I hope that everything you are hoping for happens for you this year!!
This letter is really beautiful! I have faith you'll reach your dreams. I hope this year turns out great for you!
Stephanie said…
Beautiful letter! And I agree with Kelly I also love how you ended it "you will get to be more you".
Anonymous said…
You made me tear up. Life's ups and downs are only stepping stones. They show us the path we travelled to our present. Bad things aren't just bad they serve a purpose to show us a better way. And to keep us strong and motivated to become better.
Such a beautiful and inspiring letter! Thank you so much for sharing it with us--I know how hard it is to put personal things online. And I'm with Kelly and Stephanie--that last line is perfection.
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing this - You are a wonderful writer and I think every one of us can use the same advice now and then. Good luck to you! :)
Alexa S. said…
You wrote your letter so beautifully! I really enjoy how you make your journey so far sound so beautiful. Hope that you continue to flourish and grow in this wonderful book blogging community.
Thanks for sharing this. It sounds so hopeful, "you will get to me more you" That is great! :)