Poetry Thursday: Body Part Prompt

Hello Poetteers,

Writing is something I love. I love creating. I love exploring new things. I love exploring the old and everyday things in a new light. 

Poetry Prompt:

What is your favorite body part?

Why is it your favorite?

How do you use it.

List three good things.

List three bad things.

Sentence Starters:

I have…

I won’t…

Possible Poetry Type:

What is (blank)?

Pick out your favorite responses. Rearrange it to how it will sound good or like a story.


Hands are there to pick you back up
there to pick up the broken pieces of you
Hands held each other
as each person prayed in their way

My hands lift you from your sorrow
and lift you to see the sun
your heart will lift up with happiness.

Hands turn into fists
pounding to see who is better
one day turning into pounding for help
but no one answers

Hands are shaking
wondering what is next
Hands pick up after the rumble
of the broken pieces
trying to piece them back together
to salvage what they can

Hands turns into peace and victory
of innocent human beings
waiting for the pounding to calm down
it is calm.

stay inspired,


abetterjulie said…
This is a great suggestion. I did something similar once in which I wrote down what each part of my body would say to me if it could talk. Enlightening and powerful journal work!