What is Blue, a Short Film

Hello Poetteers,

One of the things on my bucket list is to make a short film. This past week I've been filming clips here and there. It is cool to pick what goes with the poem. You get to be as creative as you want. No one else is behind you telling you if it works or not. I love the ability to experiment.  This is one of my favorite poems to have recored and I'm glad to do something special for it. I hope you enjoy listening and watching it as much as I enjoyed writing and making it.

Behind the Scenes

It takes multiple takes for you to get the right clip. I thought I filmed enough but last minute I had to do more filming. I scheduled a specific day for filming but the sky wasn't what I wanted so I hand to postpone my filming day. I had a different image in my mind when I first started but it change over the week of filming and it's better than expected. 

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Let me know: Do you like short films? What do you like about short films?

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Crystal Collier said…
I don't usually watch short films unless they're comedy sketches, but I love the whole idea of poetry with video.