Where She Went, a Poem

Hello Poetteers,

As you know just I read a book, Where She Went. And that got my muse going. It inspired me write some poetry. Here is what I wrote. 

Where She Went

I'm flesh and bone
I bruise easily
writing fills the void 
as I wait for you

Bring the noise out of you
don't be scared of your raw power
run with it all

Let the intensity burn 
obey the muse
bring a new kind of joy

Your whispers are like 
musical notes floating up 
to the sky and stars. 

I know her voice 
I know their voices
the memories come
like a fresh breath of air 
and a hug
of welcome back 
but it is also a new 
better place

It's the same voice
but new words
it still feels like coming back

Let me love you
love me like you do
from where you are
from here

The puzzle pieces whirling 
I'll pick up the broken pieces
help you put it back together

I will hold your hand
under the table
reminding you to breathe in
and let it out
let it go.

Thank you,