Poetry Hacks

Hello Poetteers,

Poetry is easier when you know what you are doing. It's fun to try new things. This is for my own reference in the future but you are welcome to read on and check out the links.

1. Look at the books on your shelf or side table, does it sound like a sentence or unintentional wordplay? Write it down. Rearrange the books to make the poem and take a picture. Maybe even share it on #bookspinepoetry.

2. If your poem talks about love or something that has a shape, make the poem into a heart or that specific shape. It will make it visually appealing. Share it on #shapepoem.

You can find more here: Poetry Writing Hacks.

You can a different kind of hacks to improve your poems here: Poetry Editing.

Stay inspired,


P.S. I have a new poem on my Instagram page for you, read it here