Monthly Recap on Goals #1

Hello Poetteers, 

I thought since I shared some of my relations with you I would share with you how it is going. This past month went well. As you can see from my past posts I've read 7 books. I'll see how this next month goes and maybe up my reading goal. 

I spent the month reading through and light editing my wip, Louder Alone. This month i hope to do some more in-depth editing. 

A personal goal of mine is to bring yoga back into my life and be more consistent with it. I heard of Yoga with Adriene and have done a few of her videos in the past. I saw she was doing a 30 day yoga camp and participated. It helped me so much and I see improvement in myself and it inspired me to want to continue with yoga. 

I've been following Alex Beadon for a while. You should check her out. She has this energy that inspires and motivates me to focus and work on my passion. 

Last but not least, I have a poetry series going on, on Instagram along with a photo challenge I'm participating in. 
P.S. Her Olives reaches it's 2nd book birthday on Feb 13th. I would love to see pictures of you reading Her Olives. Tag it #FidasOlives. Thank you!