Books on Your Syllabus: Poetry

Hello Poetteers,

I did a similar post a few months ago and I enjoyed doing it I decided to do it again but this time a bit differently. The prompt is what books would be on the syllabus if you taught (book genre). My class would be on poetry.

Week 1: I'm a published poet, so we would have to highlight my work.

Week 2: We would look at poems by Tyler Knott to study haikus.

Week 3: Our next read would be Poisoned Apples because it mixes fairytales with feminism.

Week 4: We have to take a look at Shakespeare and study the sonnets.

Week 5: Another classic poet we should study is Edgar Allan Poe.

Week 6: We took a look at single poems, now we have to transition into novels-in-verse. For that, we would study Ellen Hopkins.

Week 7: Written poetry isn't the only form of poetry. There is also spoken word. We will take a look at Sarah Kay for that.

Week 8: We should end with some light hearted reading and will be looking at Shel Silverstein.

Final Exam: Your choice between writing your own poem or read a poem we haven't highlighted and write an essay on your thoughts about the poem.

What are your favorite poetry books? Also, I'm now on SoundCloud, take a listen

Thank you,