Ten Poetry Instagram Accounts to Follow

Hello Poetteers,

I've been loving Instagram lately. It's filled with beautiful pictures and words that are inspiring me. So here is ten poetry Instagram accounts i've been following and you should follow to. 

I recently started following her. Along with her poems is awesome sketches. 

She has a simplistic black and white theme but that adds to the poems she shares. Her poems are short but powerful. 

His poems are amazing and puts love together in a beautiful way. 

Most of his poems are in haiku. He is known for his typewriter series. What makes him stand you is his handwritten poems and that he pictures it with where he's at. 

His poems are just awesome! This one is one of my many favorites. 

I've been following Noor for a while and her poems feel like a big, warm hug. 

Most of her poems are in a format i'm used to reading in but some poems are different as she writes in lists. She has an amazing series going on called, how to be alive. 

Some of my favorites from her are like bits and pieces of advice. 

The best kind of people are those who remind you of your faith and God. Her poems show the beauty in God's attributes and in our lives. 

She is an author of the poetry book, Preparing My Daughter For Rain. I know it is a reflection of the amazing poems she shares on her Instagram account. 

There you have it! As you may or may not know, I also share my poems on my Instagram account. You can find me @poetfida. 

Do you already follow some of them? Is there someone I didn't mention that I should know of? Who are your favorites? Leave a comment below!