The Current State of the Poetry World

Hello Poetteers,

On one side of the poetry world we are encouraging of those who are willing to be vulnerable in sharing their stories. On the other side the poetry world is a mess. The poetry world needs a change.

1. Poets are mistranslating other poets. One example is Barks vs. Rumi. Barks didn't know the language or religion; therefore, he took out the religion. He changed it to be sexual and to fit his westernized spirituality. I break it down in my posts: Rumi and Arab History. Make the time to learn and research your topic. Don't invalidate one's beliefs to fit yours.

2. Poets are plagiarizing others. Time and time again it resurfaces that Rupi Kaur plagiarized Nayyirah Waheed's poems and its style. Rupi has called Nayyirah one of her inspirations. In summary, Waheed has reached out several times to Kaur about the similarities and Kaur denied it. Reading a poem or book that inspires you can affect your subconscious. When it comes to working on your writing project I suggest not reading other people’s work. Adopting that can help you find and practice your unique style and voice.

3. Male 'she' poets are taking over the female narrative. It’s frustrating that male poets are writing about women’s trauma. I already shared my thoughts in this instagram post. Men should not be writing about female trauma or beautifying mental illness. Leave space for females & poc to take back their narratives and share their own stories.

You can read more about poetry misconceptions and annoyances in this previous blog post. How do you feel about the poetry community?

Stay inspired,