Behind the Poetry Titles

Hello Poetteers,

I'm currently working on a 'collected poems' project. While compiling them I found some of my favorite titles and I want to break them down for you. I hope this gives you some idea of what to ask and look for in your poems when titling them.

Good Side of Sad - This piece was written after dealing with heavy grief and feeling tired of the overwhelming emotion. I was questioning my sorrow and darkness. It doesn't always have to be dark. I like to see the positive side of things.

Lost in Existence - The word existence is already in the poem and is the topic of the piece. The first stanza mentioned being disconnected and unable to pinpoint our thoughts. I asked myself what word sums up the above emotions. I came up with lost and saw the definition: "Unable to find one's way; feeling confused, insecure or in great difficulty". The word fits well.

Scrapbook of Language - This poem is about a memory I found in a scrapbook. That memory is about language. I'm familiar with multiple languages. When I think of scrapbook I think of combining several different things to make one unique thing. That's how I see myself with culture and language.

Falling Flowers - I love spring time and seeing petals float to the ground. The poem is about the growth of flowers. Put those two thoughts together and I came up with its title.

Usually I come up with the title after I write the poem. That's not the case with 'Drowned in Milk Tea". After seeing the title it triggered a childhood memory that I wanted to capture.

Scars are a Rebirth - Scars are left after we are hurt. We learn and grow from that hurt. As we learn we are revived, another word for rebirth.

Pace Your Grief - People grieve different. It make take someone a shorter or longer amount of time. I was being hard on myself about it. This piece was a reminder to myself.

Honeycomb of Kindness - Kindness is known as something sweet. When I think of something sweet honey comes to mind.

In summary: think of juxtaposition, definitions, memories and lessons learned. How do you come up with titles? Are you struggling with titling your poems? Message me for a poetry title consultation.

Stay inspired,