Power Through POV

Hello Poetteers,

With every book I wrote I noticed I kept making the same mistakes. I would switch up the point of view in the middle of a piece. Point of view is how one observes the situation and tells the story. When editing poetry one thing to focus on is POV. Several times I've mentioned to remain consistent with the POV but haven't said why.

Try different POVs to see what best suits the poem and story. The reader could feel immersive in the story or feel distant from it. The reader's trust is important to the writer.

"Choose the right point of view: Although poems are often written in the first person, a third person might serve a persona poem that doesn’t ring authentic." (source).

I know that I sometimes don't want to be attached to a piece because I don't want to feel the emotions of the experience or am nervous about sharing my work. Maybe you wrote about a male but don't want others to know, so change it to be about a female.

POV helps carry the story. It tells the reader who the piece is about and for. You don’t want to sound preachy or hurt someone by calling them out or putting them down. Let yourself feel vulnerable. Share from your experience and perspective. Show how you feel. Again, make the reader a part of the story.

It can be easier to edit someone's else work than edit your own work. Is your poetry (book) ready to be edited? Message me to get started.