Poetry Misconceptions & Annoyances

Hello Poetteers,
There are several poetry misconceptions and annoyances floating around social media. I want to talk about a few top ones.
  • Poetry needs to be romantic. No, it doesn’t. It can be any emotion.
  • Poetry needs to include rhyme end words. No it doesn’t. You can have your poem be rhythmic in other ways.
  • Vague self love/positivity poetry: It sounds like a piece anyone can write. Make it specific with your own experience.
  • Male “she” poets: It’s frustrating that male poets are writing about women’s trauma. I already shared my thoughts in this instagram post. Men should not be writing about female trauma or beautifying mental illness.
  • “insta” poets: Poets on instagram is not any different from poets who don’t use social media. I like what Lang Leav said about this label, “This new and dynamic movement is sometimes referred to as ‘instapoetry.’ A label I personally believe is silly and makes no sense. Using a social platform to define a genre of writing is just ridiculous. I think ‘Pop Poetry’ would be a far better description.”
  • Poetry on Instagram or micro poetry isn’t real poetry. Poetry can be shared on any platform. It can be long or short. As long as you tell a story and show emotion. 
  • People think it’s okay to re-share a poem without crediting the author. That’s wrong. The creator deserves recognition. The readers deserves to find the source of their favorite piece.
  • Writers think that all poetry has to be good. It’s okay to write bad poems.
Poetry is art. Art is something (poetry, music, stories, painting, dancing) someone created to express a thought or feeling. 
There are “rules” but they aren’t steadfast. Poetic devices are not requirements. They are stylistic choices. Also, there are many poetry forms to choose from. It’s there to help you best tell your story and be creative in your storytelling.
What do you think about these misconceptions and annoyances? What are the other poetry misconceptions you know of?
Stay inspired,