Publishers That Publish Poetry Books

Hello Poetteers,

As I was doing my own research for poetry publishers this question popped up on my feed: Does anyone know any publishers that publish poetry books?

Later on, while hosting #PoetteerChat I asked what everyone’s plan is for a year from now. Most of you said to be published. I promised a list of publishers, so here’s the top 7 I found. Along with the publisher, I will mention the poets they represent. I want to work with someone I can trust. Seeing familiar names makes them more trustable in my opinion.
  1. Andrew McMeel - has published Amanda Lovelace, Lang Leav, Rupi Kaur and more. 
  2. Dancing Girl Press - has published our very own Amanda N. Butler. 
  3. Bottlecap Press - has published Courtney LeBlanc 
  4. Button Poetry - has published Olivia Gatwood, Sierra DeMulder and more. 
  5. Two Sylvias Press - has published Jeannine Hall Gailey, Kelli Russell Agodon, Martha Silano and more. 
  6. Write Bloody - has published Sarah Kay, Andrea Gibson and more.
  7. Glass Poetry Press - has published Hannah Cohen.
Are there any other publishers I should know of?

Stay inspired,


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Hi there! Here are a few other publishers you might want to look at:
Mayapple Press - specializes in speculative feminist work
Steel Toe Books - Kentucky-based press, friendly to funny work
Moon City Press - midwestern publisher who just started publishing poetry in the last few years
Copper Canyon Press - bigger poetry press, very competetive
Red Hen Press - LA Based

Fida Islaih said…
I'll check them out, thank you so much!