Distributors for Self Published Books

Hello Poetteers,

As someone who has self published several poetry books my top tip is to diversify your distribution. Don't exclusively publish your book on KDP. They only distribute through Amazon. Smashwords is an ebook retailer and distribution site. They will distribute your book to places such as B&N Nook, Apple Books, Kobo and Scribd. Check out their site for more info.

Other Ebook Distributors:
  1. Smashwords
  2. Kindle Direct Publishing
  3. Book Funnel
  4. Payhip
Smashwords and KDP only distribute ebooks. I used to publish paperback through CreateSpace but that site is now closed. I go directly to Barnes and Noble Press to publish the paperback version.

Other Distributors: 
  1. Barnes and Noble Press
  2. IngramSpark
There are several self publishing services out there. Look for familiar authors and transparency on their website before working with them. This website does a great job rating and reviewing different services. 

My self publishing guide is now available for purchase on Payhip.

Stay inspired, 

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