100 Day Project Reflection

Hello Poetteers,

I was running on the excitement of a new idea and working on something new. But then it wore off and I fell behind. I kept going and at one point I thought I didn't love this idea anymore. I wanted to quit. I told myself no. I still love this idea. I just need a little more wiggle room. So I changed up some things.

When I started the project I limited myself to one book but then I let myself use any of my books. As you saw I tried to keep organized by going in order of the book. I switched to doing what calls to me. Drawing the Muslim girls was my favorite part. It felt like I needed to do a new piece every day but I let myself redraw something if I felt the need to do so.

I fell behind for a few days and caught up. But I fell behind for a week and caught back up. But then I fell behind again. I saw some people use the progress pictures as part of the project. I decided to try it out and it helped me catch up. 

Maybe the structure of the project isn't for me or the idea I chose is not for me or it simply isn't a priority for me.

My word of the year is strength. There is strength in keeping going but there is also strength in realizing what bogs you down vs what lights you up. I'm glad I tried this. I'll be drawing a final piece and saying bye to this project. Thank you for following along on this short experimental journey.

Day 33. This is my last piece for #the100dayproject.
From my poem, Knock, in my book, Hugs & Kisses.

Do you ever change up or quit your project after you start?