Factors in Our Writing Changes

Hello Poetteers,

You may not notice this. I didn't either. Our writing/art changes with the seasons or weather. I do know that the environment has an effect on our writing. It may get darker. Maybe different from what you usually do. With a rainy day or in a dark environment I may not write as much or at all. When it’s sunny or I’m in a well-lit place I’ll be in a writing flow. Being in a room where I see others being productive like in a coffee shop or bookstore I am able to write more.

What you read and write or simply the mood you’re in will affect your writing. Sometimes your mind is in a different place, wanting you to write something or work on something else altogether. For example, you have to write a blog post but you keep thinking of the story you want to add to or maybe it’s the other way around. Take a break to switch it up. You can come back to it later that day.

If you are in a bad mood you write something dark or the opposite of it to pull yourself out of it. Maybe you write more instead of less when there is a feeling of darkness. I know both writing less or writing more has happened to me when darkness is around. If you write something or read something dark it puts a damper on your mood and you feel like you don’t want to do anything near that.

How does any of these things affect your writing?

Stay inspired,