Announcing Hijab & Prompt Books

Hello Poetteers,

Challenges come in many ways. Small or big. I'll be stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing something different. All my collections have been self-published. Before self-publishing, let alone the decision to publish, that was outside of my comfort zone. Now that is my new comfort zone.

I've been working on a new poetry collection. It's about my journey with hijab and disability. See my journey with hijab. From being naive to seeing the complexities. See how I deal with my disability and anxiety. See how love helped with all of this.

My plan for it is to submit it to a few publishers/press. It's scary yet exciting!!

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But that isn't the only thing I'm working on. As you know I've been creating monthly poetry bundles and now I'm working on a prompt book. It's divided into three parts. The first is of loving your body, mind and taking care of it. The second part is about appreciating culture. The last part is about being honest with yourself and the activism we do. Each prompt has a set of questions along with sentence starters and poetry formats.

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Both books don't have titles yet as I have a list of several titles I'm going back and forth on.

Stay tuned for updates,