How I Title My Poems

Hello Poetteers,

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I loved sharing with you ways to title your poems. Sometimes the title is obvious. You’ll find the perfect phrase within the poem. Other times it’s a bit hard. Here’s my secret to titling poems. Ask yourself and your poems these questions.
  1. What emotion does your poem focus on? Find an adjective that describes the emotion your poem is giving. 
  2. What is your poem about? Use the topic in your title. 
  3. Look for repeated words, phrases and metaphors. Its emphasis within the poem should be shown in the title. 
  4. Place the results together. Experiment with the wording and arrangement. Does it reflect your poem?

Take a look at my poem, Weary Hope. I repeated the word hope, so i knew it needed to be in the title. The beginning of the poem talks about being drained. Other words for drained are tired and weary, so that was the adjective I needed to add. Together I came up with a title that would make the reader wonder and pull them in to read it.

Titling your poetry book has a similar method.
  1. What is your book about? Keep in mind the themes used. 
  2. Is there a specific poem that summarizes the book? 
  3. What emotions does the book focus on or what emotions came up when writing? 
  4. What is the inspiration behind the book? 
  5. What is the intended message? 
  6. Pick out the keywords and play around with arrangement to turn it into a title.

For more help on your poetry titles, I have a poetry titles cheatsheet available for purchase! Also, in my editing services I provide a title consultation. 

stay inspired,