Poetry Collaboration: Flickering Light

Hello Poetteers, 

This past week I've been working on a collaborative piece. Here is the result of that collaboration. 

Flickering Light

Pain is my light getting tired
with the anticipation
a heaviness settles into my heart
Pain is the loss
of never seeing the good again
you feel helpless
like getting the news of death
and not knowing what to say
to yourself or others
you don’t want to hear anything
you stare into nothingness
and wonder if it will get better

accepting the pain, you can move forward
from deep sorrow
to the process of healing,
healing is the reversal
of a decomposed heart
a radiant light
replacing the darkness within
a soothing ointment to one’s soul
it gives hope to endure the circumstances,
strength for the journey,
courage to be bold,
to comfort others who are afflicted
but most all
to know you are not alone.

by Fida Islaih & Rebeca Perez

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