Add Your Book On Goodreads

Hello Poetteers,

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Being an avid reader and writer I've seen both sides of how Goodreads can be beneficial. Sometimes you come across a book you can't find on Goodreads. Adding your book on there is easier than you think. The information is already there on the site but I'm here to make it even easier. 

1. Join the author program.

2. You will have an author dashboard to update. One thing to do is link your blog or website. 

3. Add your book

4. Fill in all the details

5. Save and it'll be a part of your dashboard

6. You can share the cover now or wait until after the reveal on your blog. When you have a decision, you are able to edit the book.

7. Share the link for others to mark it on their TBR list and later share their review.

8. Your dashboard is a place for readers to ask you questions. You can have giveaways. Lastly, you can add the option to preview your book. 

stay inspired,