W is for rant?

Hello Poetteers,

sad I missed
this weekend's faith lecture
happy it gave my friends' a faith high
happy it touched them
bringing tears in a good way
I hope they pass it on to me
I really need it

The only reason I missed it
because of business
you gotta finish your story
if you want to finish it
and with that I got a date with mommy

I hope I get to see my friends soon.

I want to feel Weightless
with the overwhelming
feeling of not worrying about forgetting my faith
that I can talk to my mom about everything
that I can love.

I wonder it all
wandering around my maze like mind.


tomorrow is the last day
happy and sad


Wrinkles aren't bad
a sign of age
of wisdom
of laugh lines
embrace them.

Love and thank you, Fida