A to Z and A Book Review

X, Y, Z... Hello Poetteers,

Why should I care? I don't always have to complete something if I don't feel into it. Instead I'll share a review of a book I promoted a few days ago:

Snip, Snip RevengeSnip, Snip Revenge by Medeia Sharif

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tabby is lucky to go to art school. I'm already loving her. I can relate with her on the big curly hair. I can also relate on once getting a boyish haircut. Even though she isn't close with her stepmom I'm glad they found something to bond over. And same with her dad. They may not have a great relationship but she can still go talk to him. I love that she stood up for what she wanted and got it. For anyone who wants diversity in stories, they need to check this one out!

Twitter-sized bites:

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Love and thank you, Fida


Crystal Collier said…
I'm excited to read Medeia's book...as soon as I can. Oh boy. I hope it's soon. =)

Anonymous said…
Thank you for the kind review. :)
Stephanie Faris said…
Medeia's book is everywhere. I know it will do well with all of this great publicity!