Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tree-houses and Teachers

I was sitting in my Tree house with my personal Trainer. She was on the phone with her daughter. She was speaking a different language. I was about to leave when I heard something,

"أنت في المتجر؟ انا بحاجة الى التفاح والشوكولا."

She said something about apples and chocolate. I understood that. I never knew that. She didn't even say anything in English or made any movements indicating what she said. I didn't even grow up in an Arabic speaking home. Maybe my friends have some influence. I guess I should learn it. Maybe instead of just a personal Trainer I should hire a Tutor.

Love and thank you, Fida


Tara Tyler R said...

good for you sticking with the challenge and catching yourself up! sweet!

and i want to learn mandarin some day...
i feel like a dumb american knowing only english...

almost thru the alphabet!

Ghadeer said...

You had me at 'sitting in a treehouse' :D